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[Posted by the Mod Team] It has come to our attention that there are several Facebook sites proclaiming to be author Patricia Briggs. They aren't. Patty is in no way affiliated with them and the following links are her official social media pages only:


Official Facebook Page:
Official Twitter Newsfeed:
Website: and/or
Website Forums: and/or
Website Store: and/or
Booklikes Newsfeed:
Youtube Channel:
Facebook Fan Group:


If you see another Facebook Patricia Briggs author page and like it and it's not linked here be aware that it's not Patricia Briggs but someone that is using her likeness and posting with unauthorized permission.


We hate to point out things like this but having a fan page is different than posting and implying you're someone you're not. We've contacted Facebook and reported these fraudulent pages in the hopes that they'll remove them but we want Patty's readers to be aware that they're out there and unsanctioned. We also want to point out that if you are contacted by these sites and asked to purchase products via them, they are a scam. If you know of this happening to anyone or you have been contacted by one of these pages we would like to know so we can report to Facebook. We care about Patty and Patty's fanbase and don't want to see anyone being taken advantage of in this way. Patricia Briggs social media promotes via giveaways and any sanctioned merchandising is available only through the official website store. We will not contact individuals through private messaging with offers.


If new social media for author Patricia Briggs is added or changed in any way we will always post and promote it via the above links.