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Night Broken Or Today I am Twenty

Night Broken - Patricia Briggs

Night Broken is my twentieth book. That’s pretty cool. I set out on this journey all those years ago to see if I could actually write one book. And now I am twenty I have twenty books. I am much much older than twenty.


I’ve had a lot of requests for supernatural beings outside of the mythology of Europe and Asia. The one I picked for Night Broken is, at the very least, not one of the more commonly found creatures and I had a lot of fun doing research for him -- not something I usually have to do a lot of when dealing with more Celtic/European or Native American supernatural creatures. I also read a lot of history of an area of the world I haven’t explored much. So I was a happy camper when I set out to write this -- and the book just got more and more fun as I wrote.


I got to play with Coyote again. Poor Mercy. I got to introduce a few new characters. Poor new characters. Some of the characters are people who will appear in later stories, some of them will come and go. I got to bring in Adam’s ex-wife. Poor Mercy. Poor Adam’s ex-wife.


Twenty books -- and every one a different journey with imaginary friends--and real ones. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the trips as much as I have.


Patricia (Patty) Briggs


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